Below is a schematic showing what Level 2 (L2) and Level 3 (L3) data sets are available. Available products are in blue, and clicking on them will take you to additional information about the product specfications and background.

  Science Products Urgent Response Products
Level 2 Standard Displacement Products PS Time-Series  
Level 3 Time Series   Damage Proxy Maps (DPM)
Coseismic GPS Coseismic Offsets Flood Proxy Maps (FPM)

Data Access

ARIA Product Search
InSAR standard data products are currently searchable and downloadable through the ARIA Product Search website. This site requires a NASA Earthdata URS user login and requires users to add “ARIA Product Search” to their URS approved applications (see "How To Register For an EarthData Login Profile"). If you are interested in standard data products over specific regions not currently available, contact the ARIA team.

Event Response
Data products that have been generated for event response are made available on the ARIA Share site, which does not require a login. The products are generated for both emergency response and scientific rapid response. These include Damage Proxy Maps, Flood Proxy Maps, InSAR and GPS results for earthquake and volcanic eruptions. For questions about these products, please email the ARIA urgent response team.


Future functionalities that are currently under development:
  • Command line download API
  • Cropping and stitching of product layers
  • Conversion from 3D datasets to 2D layer sampling
  • Pre-processing/set-up for time-series ingest (e.g. GIAnT)

SAR Availability
Tool providing overview of current, planned and potential future acquisitions. Support various SAR sensors including ALOS-2, Sentinel-1 constellation, Radarsat-2, TSX and TDX.